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Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm

Hello Future Technical Communicators! You’re invited to join us on February 26th for our biggest event of the year, our annual joint meeting with STC Florida. The event’s topic will be “Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm”.

Attendance is free. Networking starts at 6:30pm and at 7:00pm the presentations will begin. At 8:00pm there will be a Q&A session.

A panel of professional technical communicators will be joining us to give presentations on career prep, answer your questions, network, and more. Some of them will be UCF English/Technical Communication majors who graduated and are now working in the field. This is a great opportunity to make connections and learn tips that will help you prepare for your future career.

Here is the website for the specifics of this meeting: On this site you can sign up and get the URL for this Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or send a message in our Discord server.

January 2021 Events

For the curious, here’s a brief recap of last month’s events:

  • First GBM – Elections (January 15)
  • FTC/STC Dungeons & Dragons Session (January 16)
  • Second GBM – The Importance of Instructions (January 29)

Otronicon Tech Expo

FTC will be hosting a workshop at Otronicon, an interactive tech expo from the Orlando Science Center. We have four virtual sessions scheduled over the weekend:

February 12 | 12:30pm and 2:30pm
February 13 | 12:30pm and 2:30pm
FTC’s goal is to teach young students attending the convention about the field of technical communication. Our workshop topic will be a reprise of our recent general body meeting’s topic, “The Importance of Instructions.” If you are interested in helping us present, it is not too late, and it is a great way to get more involved with us. Simply send us an email at [email protected]. For more information about Otronicon, click here.

To attend the conference with us, register.

Spring 2021 Leadership Team

We are happy to have several new faces join our roster! Welcome FTC’s Spring 2021 leadership team:

President – John Clement
Vice President – Caitlyn Hunter
Secretary – Skye Smith
Treasurer – Angela Kafka
Historian – Claire Arendas
Communications Committee – Caitlyn Hunter & Rebecca Navas
Website Committee – Ben Bowles

We are enthused to have this new and expanded team. We have already begun planning out great programs and events to come this semester, and we intend to go above and beyond with them.

Spring 2021 Events

Next semester, things will be back in full swing. That includes our biweekly general body meetings. Expect our first one to be on the first week of classes.

We also have sneak peeks for two big events next semester:

As we announced at our Spring Planning meeting, on President’s Day weekend FTC will be a participant at Otronicon, an interactive tech expo by the Orlando Science Center. Companies such as EA, Lockheed Martin and Disney attend the expo each year to present workshops and show off new technology. FTC received the opportunity to be one of the clubs at UCF to also host a virtual workshop at the conference. There, we intend to teach student attendees about the field of technical communication. If you are interested, next semester the FTC leadership team will be looking for members to volunteer at the workshop alongside us. We look forward to revealing more as we get closer to the event.

Next up is FTC’s flagship event, the Joint FTC-STC Annual Meeting. This meeting brings in professional technical communicators to network with students and present on a variety of technical communication topics. It is a great opportunity to make connections and learn tips that will help you prepare for your future career. If you want to learn more, check out this recap article about the event from this recent February.

If you ever have a suggestion for a meeting or topic, we’d love to hear it; just send us an email at [email protected] or drop a message on our Discord server.

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