Photo: FTC leaders and volunteers at the Orlando Science Center, February 2022.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. JD Applen ([email protected])

Dr. Carolyn Glasshoff ([email protected])


President: Julianna Schook

Vice President: Ben Bowles

Treasurer: Cassandra Ortega

Secretary: Dominick Chiovari

Historian: Joy Carandang

Immediate Past President: John Clement

Publications Committee 📝

Alexandra Conte

Danielle Porres

Glenn Ritchey

Website Committee 🌐

Ben Bowles

Cassandra Ortega

Andrew Sands

Winnie Ou

Communications Committee 🗨️

Michael Otero

Joy Carandang

Chantal Cyrier

Fall 2022 Leaders (former): Zachary Miller (VP), Alexandra Abreu (Historian)

Leadership Team Bios: Coming soon! (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian)

Contact the FTC leadership team at [email protected]