FTC can help!

The Future Technical Communicators (FTC) student organization here at UCF is dedicated to helping students pursue careers in technical communication. What exactly does that mean? We work together to master the skills we will need once we graduate to create any kind of documentation for technical processes. That can mean everything from writing instructions to designing user-friendly websites. This organization is primarily intended for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the technical communication field, although membership is open to students from all majors.

Even if you are not familiar with the profession, technical communication might be the field for you! Do you have skills in any of these areas?

  • Core skills in writing and editing
  • Creative page design
  • Photography and videography
  • Technical illustration
  • International communication
  • Training and education
  • Web and IT skills

Technical communicators serve as the bridge between technology and the outside world. We take complex information and make accessible and exciting! Technical communication spans many disciplines and the job market is huge. Unless technology stands still, it will always be a growth market. Since companies are beginning to realize that poor writing and poor communication hurt their bottom line, solving that problem taps into your core skills. There are over 45,000 technical writers in the U.S. alone!

FTC can also help you gain experience by obtaining an internship and part-time opportunities. Some of the companies include Lockheed Martin, Orlando Utilities Commision, Citrix, and many more. For additional employment opportunities or any general questions, please contact:

We are eager to see you at our next event! Make sure to connect with us on our various platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord for more information.