The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is an organization dedicated to supporting the careers of technical communicators. STC focuses on communicating by using technology to convey information through mediums such as instruction manuals, help files, web pages, and social media. STC works with all kinds of technical communicators including technical writers and illustrators, visual designers, web developers, and indexers. The overall mission of STC is to expand their core skills of technical communication by sharing information and passing it on to other aspiring technical communicators.

Becoming an STC Member

STC offers different tiers of membership based on what works best for you. Membership prices range from $80 for student members with additional tiers for new professionals and beyond. Once you obtain STC membership, you will be granted access to networking opportunities, discounts to attend webinars, membership with a specific local chapter such as STC Florida, and online courses to learn more about technical communication. FTC members who also become members of STC Florida are also able to participate in our joint FTC-STC Mentoring Program.