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Tech Comm Jobs and Where to Find Them

Or: “We’ve got so many jobs, you don’t even know.”

By Caitlyn Hunter and John Clement

We here at FTC know how hard it can be to be on the job hunt. “Technical Communicator” isn’t a common job title, so we understand the struggle of trying out multiple search phrases and applying endless filters in search programs like LinkedIn or Indeed. The whole process can be exhausting and sometimes discouraging, so we decided to make it a little easier for all of you.

John and I have had many colleagues and friends send in advice, internships, and job opportunities. We have culminated them all here with simple descriptions to allow for easy skimming. There’s no promise that there’s a position here for you, but with 18 openings and many more leads, we hope to help at least some of you get connected with an opportunity you might not have otherwise found.

With all this said, we wish you luck on the job hunt and for finding that perfect position.

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Join FTC at Otronicon

FTC will be presenting along with other technical clubs and companies at this year’s Otronicon. The expo will be taking place this weekend from February 12-15. If this interests you, find out more at By attending Otronicon, you can attend an array of STEM presentations and workshops over the weekend, FTC’s included.

FTC Session Info
 February 12 and 13 @ 12:30pm and 2:30pm
Topic: Communicating Visually: The Importance of Instructions
Click for more info

Wizards of the Coast 2021 Paid, Remote Summer Internships

For summer 2021, Wizards of the Coast is offering internships in the following fields. Apply through LinkedIn, and they may consider you for multiple opportunities! Internships are open to undergrads and graduate level students unless otherwise noted. 

  • Concept Art – Character, Creature, Environment, UI/UX
  • Narrative Game Design
  • Software Engineering – Unity, Server-side, Full-Stack, Quality Assurance
  • Game Production – Print, Digital
  • Marketing – Digital, Brand, Consumer Insights
  • Software Product Management
  • MS/MA/MBA Only – Data Science

NASA Internships

The NASA International Internships Project offers university students from participating countries competitive internship opportunities.

Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm

Hello Future Technical Communicators! You’re invited to join us on February 26th for our biggest event of the year, our annual joint meeting with STC Florida. The event’s topic will be “Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm”.

Attendance is free. Networking starts at 6:30pm and at 7:00pm the presentations will begin. At 8:00pm there will be a Q&A session.

A panel of professional technical communicators will be joining us to give presentations on career prep, answer your questions, network, and more. Some of them will be UCF English/Technical Communication majors who graduated and are now working in the field. This is a great opportunity to make connections and learn tips that will help you prepare for your future career.

Here is the website for the specifics of this meeting: On this site you can sign up and get the URL for this Zoom meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or send a message in our Discord server.

January 2021 Events

For the curious, here’s a brief recap of last month’s events:

  • First GBM – Elections (January 15)
  • FTC/STC Dungeons & Dragons Session (January 16)
  • Second GBM – The Importance of Instructions (January 29)
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