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Introducing FTC Publications

The Future Technical Communicators club was established in 2000 as the product of two technical communication students at UCF with a dream. They both sought to make a student organization that offered itself as a place for technical communication students to sharpen the skills they would need when they enter a career in technical communication. Beyond that, the club sought to help its members find and get a job in those very careers. Since then, it has grown to offer an array of programs from workshops to guest speaker events and networking opportunities, all while still pursuing that same goal. Whether you are a freshman or senior, graduate or undergraduate student, technical communication major or otherwise, FTC always seeks to provide you with opportunities to gain something practical that can’t be gained in the classroom alone. We want you to give you a push that makes you not just an excellent student but a prepared professional.

We want to add one more asset to our repertoire of resources for members. Our club’s current website was established fairly recently, back at the end of Fall 2020. While it has information about the club itself and houses some of our content, it never had a definitive purpose. The officers have wanted to make the website a proper home for FTC content, and in doing so, we had the idea of giving it something unique too — something you could only find here and something that was useful for students at the same time. One idea led to another, and then we got to work.

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Through the Generations: The Enduring Value of Technical Communication

Through the Generations: The Enduring Value of Technical Communication
Friday, March 26, 2021 at 7:00pm EST

Students preparing for a technical communication career have chosen a profession that matters. Over the years, though, the phenomenal changes in our roles have raised questions about the value that our work can and will provide. In this presentation, Lori will look at the impact of three critical areas on our roles, our profession, and our contributions.

This Friday, our general body meeting will feature a special guest with more than 25 years of experience. Listen to Lori Meyer speak about her career in technical communication and touch upon topics like user advocacy, quality and innovation, and generational identities. Don’t miss out on a professional’s expertise!

Here is the link to the Zoom meeting:

Networking begins at 7:00pm, and the presentation will begin at 7:15pm. Following the presentation, there will be a brief time for Q&A. Attendance is free and no RSVP is required.

We hope to see you there!

— Future Technical Communicators
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March 2021 Internships and Opportunities

We have several internships, scholarships, and other opportunities to share with you this month.

Burnett Honors College Internship
paid writing and publishing internship is currently available from Dr. Tyler Fisher of the Burnett Honors College and Danny Ramos. The internship will center around a writing project on Hispanic cultures. Please contact Dr. Fisher at [email protected] if interested.

Wizards of the Coast Internship
While tech comm adjacent, check out Wizards of the Coast for digital content internships!

CAH Scholarships
English majors should take a look at these newly opened CAH Scholarships. There are both CAH scholarships and English-department specific scholarships available to apply to. They are due throughout the month.

UCF Scholarships
UCF has released a plethora of scholarships on A2O, its scholarship system. Be sure to check them out and apply soon. All are welcome to apply.

BHC Scholarship
Honors Scholarships are now open to all BHC students until March 15.

Paid research opportunity
We’re sharing the news of a research study about flashcard learning that is currently welcoming participants. Participants will be paid. The study takes place across two separate days in which participants will learn to identify objects and fill out questionnaires. Click here to learn more.

March 2021 Events

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mastering Microsoft Word

Date: Friday, March 12
Time: 4:30pm

Our next general body meeting is coming up this Friday. Learn time-saving shortcuts, tips, and tricks you should know to improve the efficiency of your typing. We’ll be sending out an announcement with the call details on social media.

STC Summit Interest Meeting

Date: Monday, March 15
Time: 4:00pm

STC’s annual tech comm conference, the STC Summit, runs from June 5-9. It is fully virtual this year. If you want to learn more about the Summit, the benefits of attending, and how you may be able to attend for free, join us on March 15 for a short informational meeting.
IMPORTANT: For STC Student Members, one way to attend the Summit for free is by signing up to volunteer at the event. Applications to become a student volunteer are open until March 15. Sign up here to volunteer at the Summit.

“Through the Generations: The Enduring Value of Technical Communication” ft. Lori Meyer

Date: Friday, March 26
Time: 7:00pm

Lori Meyer from STC is returning as a guest speaker at our upcoming general body meeting. She has prepared a presentation for us on the value of choosing a career in technical communication. Be sure to join us for an engaging message with a Q&A session at the end.

Video Game Night

Date: Thursday, April 1
Time: TBA

Spend April Fools’ Day with us as we break out games such as the Jackbox Party Pack, Among Us, and Scribblio. Get ready to compete and have some fun!

Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm – Resources

Last night marked another successful annual meeting between FTC and STC. We hope you were able to learn a lot from the program and can find yourself better prepared for a future career in technical communication. I would like to thank everybody for attending, including our amazing presenters, our faculty, our scholarship winners, and all of our attendees.

Feel free to reach out to our presenters with the contact information on their slides. Like we heard from them, networking and making connections are important in the professional world. As promised, the recording of this presentation is available on the FTC YouTube page in case you would like to reference it again. Below are the links to the resources from the program:

Future Technical Communicators
If you are not already a member, please connect with the Future Technical Communicators club at UCF. The club has meetings every other Friday. On the FTC website, you can sign up for the FTC email list so the club can share academic and professional opportunities with you.

  • You can contact us at [email protected].
  • Join the Discord server at It is our most active online community and our main place to chat. You’ll receive all the latest news and updates there first. It’s a great way to stay plugged in with us.
  • You can find a list of all FTC’s different social media channels on Linktree

Society for Technical Communication Florida Chapter
Please connect with the STC Florida chapter! Whether you’re a student, graduate, or professional, the various opportunities and the welcoming community you will find with them are very worthwhile. You will be glad you joined. If you have any questions or would like to know more about STC, please read about how to join on our website or contact Debra at [email protected]. We are also building an STC Florida Slack for our community that you are welcome to join!Again, we would like to thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you again at one of our future events.


John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

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