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Spring 2023 FTC Update

From Julianna Schook, FTC President

Hello everyone and welcome to the new semester!

I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! I am very excited for the upcoming events this semester and ask that, in regards to these events, you ask any and all questions you may have. Please DO NOT hesitate to ask as we would rather you choose not to be involved than miss out due to a misunderstanding. With that in mind, here’s some of the main events coming up this Spring: 

Our first GBM:
– Our first meeting of the semester is January 10th at 6:30 PM 
– Taking place on Zoom. Zoom link on our LinkTree:

Spark Stem Fest: 
– Friday February 17th and Saturday February 18th 
– Taking place in Orlando, Florida 

STC Summit: 
– Sunday May 14th – Wednesday May 17th
– Taking place in Atlanta, Georgia 

If you are interested in either the Spark Stem Fest or the STC Summit we have an ongoing interest survey for you to fill out in your spare time. It should not take more than a minute and we would greatly appreciate your feedback! 

Interest Form:

The events listed above are not the only events taking place this semester. As we finalize plans for other upcoming events we look forward to announcing them via discord and social media. Therefore, remember to keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked going forward into the semester! I wish you all a great Spring semester!

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December 2022 Newsletter

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for being a part of FTC during the Fall 2022 semester. We’ve come a long way and truly have so much to celebrate. Currently, there are many developments regarding future job and school opportunities in the works, including internships at Lockheed Martin and L3Harris. To view the applications as well as an overview of what we’ve been up to these past two months, scroll down below!

Also, we at FTC would like to send a warm congratulations to those who have graduated this semester. As you move onto the next phase in your academic and professional careers, please feel free to keep us updated on your journey via Discord. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

There’s an abundance of events and involvement opportunities that will be featured in the Spring. We are incredibly excited to share them all with you in the next few weeks. 

Have a relaxing holiday season and winter break ahead.


Joy Carandang
Communications Committee
Future Technical Communicators
[email protected]

FTC November 2022 Newsletter

Hello, everyone!

As we wrap up this semester and head closer to Thanksgiving Break, we would just like to say thank you for being a part of FTC. Over the last few months, we had a blast at our Halloween Social, successfully launched our Mentorship program, connected with new and familiar faces, and weathered two back-to-back storms.

We hope you share our excitement for what’s to come in the near future! Read on for recaps, recent happenings, and upcoming events.


Joy Carandang
Communications Committee
Future Technical Communicators
[email protected]

Link to Full Newsletter:

FTC’s Year in Review (2021-2022)

By John Clement

President, Future Technical Communicators club at UCF

With a plethora of guest speaker meetings and networking events, the Future Technical Communicators club has been as active as it has ever been this past school year. We also had opportunities to make FTC go beyond just UCF in our ventures to Otronicon Tech Expo and the STC Summit, two big initiatives that our attendees had a great and informative time at. Finally, our club continues to be a big family with our social events and our active Discord. To celebrate and recognize all that and more, here is a comprehensive recap of FTC’s 2021-2022 program year.

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Fields and Jobs in Technical Communication

By Danielle Porres

Secretary, Future Technical Communicators club at UCF

Hello, everyone! I know most, if not all of our blog’s readers are pursuing a career in tech comm and are looking to get themselves out there in the world of job searching. Once you begin the process, it can definitely feel as though you’re navigating through a whirlwind of emotions and activity. Sure, you’re familiar with what tech comm encompasses, but how do you figure out which industry or niche you want to get into? Knowing how versatile the field of tech comm is and the different types of opportunities out there, it can definitely feel daunting to pinpoint what you want to do with your degree.

There are a plethora of industries focused on hiring technical communicators, ranging from health care to public relations, all wanting highly-skilled individuals with a passion for writing and editing. As noted by Masters in Communications, the most notable career paths in the field are, “Technical Writer or Documentation Specialist, Medical Writer, Training Consultant, Science and Technology Journalist, and Researcher” (p.11). 

Additional job titles for technical communicators (Source:

  • Technical Writers & Editors
  • Indexers
  • Information Architects
  • Instructional Designers
  • Technical Illustrators
  • Globalization & Localization Specialists
  • Usability & Human Factors Professionals
  • Visual Designers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Teachers & Researchers of Technical Communication
  • Trainers and E-Learning Developers

As you navigate through your course load, it is plausible to find a specialization or industry that you might want to get into. You might take an interest in scientific writing, multimedia production, instructional writing, and many others. If multiple interests you at once, that’s okay too! It can actually serve as an advantage since companies and industries admire versatility. By being someone who can develop and hone their skills in various tech comm areas, many more opportunities can fall at your door. 

Although taking courses and obtaining your degree is essential, networking and gaining experience is what will you that extra push. Through internships and some odd jobs here and there, you will be able to further develop your writing/editing style, find your preferred niche(s), and connect with others who share common tech comm interests. 

<strong>Danielle Porres – Secretary, Publications Committee Member</strong>
Danielle Porres – Secretary, Publications Committee Member

Hi! My name is Danielle, the current secretary of FTC. I’m a sophomore majoring in Technical Communication and minoring in Writing & Rhetoric. It is my first semester as a member of FTC, but so far it’s been such an amazing and rewarding experience. The FTC community strives to not only promote the importance of technical literacy but the significance of making connections. As secretary of FTC, I hope to contribute to our blog’s publications, utilize my organizational skills, and continuously communicate with the leaders. Aside from my work in FTC, I am a proofreader for the Johnson’s Dictionary Project and a member of Sigma Tau Delta. When I’m not working, I enjoy creative journaling, reading, and listening to music.

FTC on Its Way to the STC Summit

Hi all,

The time has come: FTC is Summit-bound! ✈

We’re preparing to board our flight tonight to STC’s annual conference. Our attendees are John Clement, Zachary Miller, Caitlyn Hunter, Sarah Vilcnik, and Camilo Pallares. Check out our updated FTC LinkTree, which now lists each of our five attendees’ professional profiles at the top of it:

Our club’s LinkTree is also located on our brand new FTC business card! (Shoutout to Zach for the idea and for setting them up!)

Thanks to the support of each donor over the past few months and to UCF, we’re all covered and set to go on the trip. We’re 100% funded for our:

✅ Hotel costs
✅ Flight tickets and baggage
✅ Registration (we’re each confirmed as volunteers!)

Along the way, though, we did happen to encounter roadblocks. Two of our members had to drop, so our roster went from 7 to 5 attendees. Additionally, very recently our flight got pushed back by a day, so our group will be arriving to the Summit late at night today—a day later than anticipated. Nevertheless, we are expecting things to go smoothly today and to enjoy our time at the main conference events starting this Monday.

If you’ll be at the Summit, we hope to see you there! It would be great to meet up. We’ll be there from Monday to Thursday, so in between our volunteering we’d be happy to say hi, get to know you, and grab a photo.

All that’s left now is to get to Rosemont, Illinois and make the most of the Summit. We’ll have updates on our Instagram and Discord during the trip and are looking forward to all we’ll get to experience. We plan to share our experiences in additional ways post-Summit, too. As always, feel free to connect with us or reach out to our different platforms at at any time. Next time we have an update, it’ll be by the windy city!

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators at UCF

Game Night with Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

This Thursday at 6:00 pm, we’ll be having a joint game night with Sigma Tau Delta UCF! There will be Jackbox Party Pack games and more to play together on Zoom. Come hang out with fellow writers!

Check out Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society:

Zoom link can be found at:

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