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STC Summit Fundraiser

A few words from John

Hello! My name is John Clement, and I’m the current president of the Future Technical Communicators club at the University of Central Florida. Our club’s goal is to help our members prepare for and get careers after graduation in the field of technical communication. Individuals in this field work as writers, editors, web and graphic designers, and more. One of our club’s most ambitious and exciting ventures is to gather a group of students to attend the STC Technical Communication Summit. This conference is hosted by the Society for Technical Communication (STC), the largest technical communication organization in the world. The STC Summit brings together like-minded individuals from around the globe to grow in their knowledge of the technical communication field. This year’s conference takes place from Sunday, May 15 to Wednesday, May 18 in Rosemont, Illinois. For the past two years, our group has had hopes of attending this trip but experienced roadblocks; the coronavirus pandemic shifted the conference to a virtual capacity and also interfered with our ability to get funding from our university. However, this year it will be in person again, and the outlook for funding the trip is brighter. Thus, we are spearheading this initiative once again. Over the past few months, the FTC leadership team has been working hard to gather a committed group of students to attend the conference. Each student plans to volunteer at the Summit to offset the registration cost, but additional help will still be needed. We recently submitted a funding request to our university to go toward the trip. Fortunately, our funding request was approved, and we received $2,000 of funding for it. This is a significant milestone and further allows this trip be a possibility. However, it only puts our group two-thirds of the way to total funding; between four days of hotel costs and seven round-trip tickets, the total cost of the trip comes to approximately $3,000. Accordingly, we have set up this fundraiser to help offset the remaining charges. Our hope and goal are to get enough funding to allow all our student attendees to go on the trip for free. This will ensure that we do not experience any financial roadblocks and can add a significant experience to our educational and professional journeys. Past members of our club who have attended the Summit found it to be a life-changing experience that connected them to a fantastic community and prepared them for successful careers in technical communication. We hope to make that same experience a reality for our students this year as we pursue full funding for the trip. Please consider donating to our fundraiser and spreading the word. We appreciate any and all contributions. You can learn more about our club by visiting our website, reading this brief article on our club history, and following our social media and more.

Thank you, John Clement

President, Future Technical Communicators club at UCF

March 2022 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Welcome to FTC’s March 2022 newsletter! We hope you had a great spring break. As we enter the second half of the semester, we wish you all the best with your classes, and for those graduating, we send our encouragement to you as you reach the finish line.

So far already, this semester has been one of the most active that FTC has had yet. We are grateful for all the attendance at our weekly meetings and the guest speakers who have joined and lent us their time. Our other club initiatives have also gone well. Last month, FTC student volunteers had a fun and successful time at Otronicon, introducing tech comm to a younger audience. Beyond that, we held a tabling event on campus, hosted a t-shirt contest, and continued our mentoring program. It’s an exciting time to be part of FTC.

Currently, our club’s most ambitious initiative is reaching for the Summit. Seven of our members signed up to be attendees and have successfully received funding from the Student Government. However, our group still needs more support to reach our goal of having all our costs covered. As such, we have set up a fundraiser. Please consider contributing to and sharing it to help make this trip a reality.

We’re ready to reveal a few other announcements, too, including: (1) FTC t-shirts, now available for order, (2) leadership training for interested members happening in May, and (3) a reunion banquet at the end of the semester to celebrate our 20 year anniversary! Take a look at each one. We hope you are able to participate in and enjoy them all, and we have aimed to make each of our programs inclusive, whether you are a remote or local student.

Each week for the rest of the semester, we will continue to host general body meetings. These include guest speaker meetings and a couple of socials, including the previously mentioned reunion.

Want a birds-eye view of everything we’re offering? Look no further than our brand new table of contents below.

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

December 2021 Newsletter

Hey everyone,

It’s the end of the semester already! All that’s left is finals week, and then it’s time for winter break. We at FTC hope you do great on all your exams and projects then get to enjoy a restful holiday season.

Additionally, we’d like to say congratulations to all our graduating members! You’re seen, you’re appreciated, and you should be proud of the accomplishments you’ve made to reach the finish line. Remember that even if you’ve graduated, you’ll always have a place with FTC.

This month’s newsletter will go over some club updates and news to round out the year. Last month we had two general body meetings, one on using WordPress and the other to discuss the past semester and the one ahead, and we have recaps of both for you. Beyond that, we have an update on the mentoring program for all who applied earlier in the semester. We also would like to remind you that our FTC T-Shirt Design Contest is closing tomorrow, December 3rd; there’s still time to apply by sharing your drawing or idea for a chance to win multiple prizes and to take part in some fun. Finally, next weekend we have a Dungeons & Dragons session planned, which is sure to be a great time as we segue into the break. Aside from that, look out for any miscellaneous updates from the club before school is finally out.

Thanks for reading, and we hope the information below is helpful. You can reach out to the club any time at [email protected].

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

November 2021 Newsletter

Hey everyone,

Happy November! It’s beginning to get cooler, daylight savings just passed by giving us all an extra hour of sleep, and there’s just one month left to go until the end of the semester. There’s lots of change all around and just as much to be excited for.

Speaking of things to be excited for, the club has been up to a lot lately, and there are an array of upcoming meetings, programs, and opportunities for you to look forward to. We have two general body meetings planned this month, and our FTC T-Shirt Design Contest is open for submissions until November 22. Anyone is encouraged to submit their idea for a design that could be featured on our club shirts in the future.

Read on for all the details. Thanks for being part of our community, and we hope you may find everything in this newsletter helpful!

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

First General Body Meeting – Fall 2021

Hello, everyone! We’ll be kicking off the year with our First General Body Meeting! Make sure to stop by on September 10th at 4:00pm. The General Body Meeting is the perfect way to learn about what FTC is, and what it can provide. We’ll also discuss our plans for the coming school year and leadership opportunities within FTC!

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