Hi everyone,

Welcome to FTC’s March 2022 newsletter! We hope you had a great spring break. As we enter the second half of the semester, we wish you all the best with your classes, and for those graduating, we send our encouragement to you as you reach the finish line.

So far already, this semester has been one of the most active that FTC has had yet. We are grateful for all the attendance at our weekly meetings and the guest speakers who have joined and lent us their time. Our other club initiatives have also gone well. Last month, FTC student volunteers had a fun and successful time at Otronicon, introducing tech comm to a younger audience. Beyond that, we held a tabling event on campus, hosted a t-shirt contest, and continued our mentoring program. It’s an exciting time to be part of FTC.

Currently, our club’s most ambitious initiative is reaching for the Summit. Seven of our members signed up to be attendees and have successfully received funding from the Student Government. However, our group still needs more support to reach our goal of having all our costs covered. As such, we have set up a fundraiser. Please consider contributing to and sharing it to help make this trip a reality.

We’re ready to reveal a few other announcements, too, including: (1) FTC t-shirts, now available for order, (2) leadership training for interested members happening in May, and (3) a reunion banquet at the end of the semester to celebrate our 20 year anniversary! Take a look at each one. We hope you are able to participate in and enjoy them all, and we have aimed to make each of our programs inclusive, whether you are a remote or local student.

Each week for the rest of the semester, we will continue to host general body meetings. These include guest speaker meetings and a couple of socials, including the previously mentioned reunion.

Want a birds-eye view of everything we’re offering? Look no further than our brand new table of contents below.

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators