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FTC on Its Way to the STC Summit

Hi all,

The time has come: FTC is Summit-bound! ✈

We’re preparing to board our flight tonight to STC’s annual conference. Our attendees are John Clement, Zachary Miller, Caitlyn Hunter, Sarah Vilcnik, and Camilo Pallares. Check out our updated FTC LinkTree, which now lists each of our five attendees’ professional profiles at the top of it:

Our club’s LinkTree is also located on our brand new FTC business card! (Shoutout to Zach for the idea and for setting them up!)

Thanks to the support of each donor over the past few months and to UCF, we’re all covered and set to go on the trip. We’re 100% funded for our:

✅ Hotel costs
✅ Flight tickets and baggage
✅ Registration (we’re each confirmed as volunteers!)

Along the way, though, we did happen to encounter roadblocks. Two of our members had to drop, so our roster went from 7 to 5 attendees. Additionally, very recently our flight got pushed back by a day, so our group will be arriving to the Summit late at night today—a day later than anticipated. Nevertheless, we are expecting things to go smoothly today and to enjoy our time at the main conference events starting this Monday.

If you’ll be at the Summit, we hope to see you there! It would be great to meet up. We’ll be there from Monday to Thursday, so in between our volunteering we’d be happy to say hi, get to know you, and grab a photo.

All that’s left now is to get to Rosemont, Illinois and make the most of the Summit. We’ll have updates on our Instagram and Discord during the trip and are looking forward to all we’ll get to experience. We plan to share our experiences in additional ways post-Summit, too. As always, feel free to connect with us or reach out to our different platforms at at any time. Next time we have an update, it’ll be by the windy city!

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators at UCF

GBM: Third Session of FTC’s Q&A Speaker Series featuring John Paz

Welcome back from Spring Break! The third installment of FTC’s Speaker Series is this Friday, March 18 at 6:00 pm. John Paz will lead a discussion about how to get your first job in technical writing. He will be joined by a few of his mentees to answer all your tech writing questions.

You may remember John from our earlier Speaker Series installments when he shared about trends in tech comm and how to write a resume.

Meeting details:

Friday, March 18, 6:00 pm

Visit for Zoom details.

Twitter: @SrContentDesign

Instagram: @tiocafecito

GBM: Q&A Speaker Series featuring John Paz

Join us for the first installment of FTC’s Industry Q&A Speaker Series featuring technical writing professional and UCF alumnus John Paz. This series will kick off on Friday, January 21, 6:00 pm on Zoom:

John Paz has over 15 years of experience as a technical communicator and content designer – a career that has taken him around the world and back. He is passionate about sharing his story and helping aspiring tech professionals enter the industry. 

Read John’s full bio below: 

John Paz graduated from UCF in 2008 with a B.A. in English and a focus in Technical Writing. He has over 15 years of experience working in the tech industry as a Technical Writing and Content Designer. He worked extensively as a short-term contractor in Orlando for some of the more reputable simulation and training defense contractors in the area for nearly a decade. In 2015 John accepted an offer from an Australian tech company to relocate him and his entire family to Sydney. Then, the Aussie Pazzies relocated again, to San Francisco, and once more back to Orlando, where he resides today. Technical Writing has taken him around the world, and he wants to share his story and help aspiring tech professionals with practical advice to help land more interviews and secure a lucrative job working in tech. John is also passionate about diversifying tech and regularly gives talks about how underrepresented folks can break into tech, and how working in technology can help break generational cycles of poverty. 

@SrContentDesign (Twitter) 

@tiocafecito (Instagram) for portfolio, resume, blogs, etc.

Welcome Back! — Spring 2022 Update

Welcome back and happy first day of Spring classes, everyone! 🎊

We have our first general body meeting of Spring this Friday at 6:00pm. We’ll have some general discussion, talk about upcoming club events, and play some games afterward too if there’s time. Click here to find the Zoom call link on our KnightConnect page.

Second update: our meetings are now going to be every week on Fridays from 6:00 – 7:00pm. We have lots of programs and guest speakers we are excited to bring to you this semester! As before, our meetings will primarily be hosted online.

Can’t wait to see you all on Friday!

All the best,

John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

Preparing for Your Career in Tech Comm – Resources

Last night marked another successful annual meeting between FTC and STC. We hope you were able to learn a lot from the program and can find yourself better prepared for a future career in technical communication. I would like to thank everybody for attending, including our amazing presenters, our faculty, our scholarship winners, and all of our attendees.

Feel free to reach out to our presenters with the contact information on their slides. Like we heard from them, networking and making connections are important in the professional world. As promised, the recording of this presentation is available on the FTC YouTube page in case you would like to reference it again. Below are the links to the resources from the program:

Future Technical Communicators
If you are not already a member, please connect with the Future Technical Communicators club at UCF. The club has meetings every other Friday. On the FTC website, you can sign up for the FTC email list so the club can share academic and professional opportunities with you.

  • You can contact us at
  • Join the Discord server at It is our most active online community and our main place to chat. You’ll receive all the latest news and updates there first. It’s a great way to stay plugged in with us.
  • You can find a list of all FTC’s different social media channels on Linktree

Society for Technical Communication Florida Chapter
Please connect with the STC Florida chapter! Whether you’re a student, graduate, or professional, the various opportunities and the welcoming community you will find with them are very worthwhile. You will be glad you joined. If you have any questions or would like to know more about STC, please read about how to join on our website or contact Debra at We are also building an STC Florida Slack for our community that you are welcome to join!Again, we would like to thank you so much for joining us, and we hope to see you again at one of our future events.


John Clement
President, Future Technical Communicators

Looking for a Job after Graduation?

FTC can help!

The Future Technical Communicators (FTC) student organization here at UCF is dedicated to helping students pursue careers in technical communication. What exactly does that mean? We work together to master the skills we will need once we graduate to create any kind of documentation for technical processes. That can mean everything from writing instructions to designing user-friendly websites. This organization is primarily intended for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the technical communication field, although membership is open to students from all majors. 

Even if you are not familiar with the profession, technical communication might be the field for you! Do you have skills in any of these areas?

* Core skills in writing and editing

* Creative page design

* Photography and videography

* Technical illustration

* International communication

* Training and education

* Web and IT skills

Technical communicators serve as the bridge between technology and the outside world. We take complex information and make accessible and exciting! Technical communication spans many disciplines and the job market is huge. Unless technology stands still, it will always be a growth market. Since companies are beginning to realize that poor writing and poor communication hurt their bottom line, solving that problem taps into your core skills. There are over 45,000 technical writers in the U.S. alone!

FTC can also help you gain experience by obtaining an internship and part-time opportunities. Some of the companies include Lockheed Martin, Orlando Utilities Commision, Citrix, and many more. For additional employment opportunities please contact or FTC President James Yunik via 

We are eager to see you at our next event! Make sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more information.