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Meet Our Team

John Clement – President

Hey! I’m John, the current president of FTC. I’m a junior studying Technical Communication with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy. I’ve been in FTC since Spring 2019 and it has been an integral part of my experience as a technical communicator. It’s always a pleasure working with the team to help students like myself get the resources, networking, and experience that will help them in their future careers. Outside of leadership, I enjoy gaming, drawing, and listening to music. Linkedin

Caitlyn Hunter – Vice President

Hello there. My name is Caitlyn, and I am the vice president of FTC. I am a Creative Writing major, Technical Communications minor who is also pursuing a certification in Editing and Publishing. I’ve been in FTC since Fall semester 2019, moving up from Communications Chair to Treasurer to my current position. Going forward, I hope to help all our members get what they need to launch successful careers. This club has been a big help to me by pushing me to keep growing my comfort zone, and the connections I’ve made at our various meetings are incredible. Outside of the club my activities mainly involve writing for novels, studying Spanish, and listening to music. Linkedin

Angela Kafka – Treasurer

I’m Angela, the current treasurer of FTC and a senior at the University of Central Florida studying Writing & Rhetoric and English—Technical Communications. I’ve participated in FTC since Spring 2019, but this is my first semester as an official member. Upon graduation in May of 2021, I aspire to become a book editor. Outside of leadership, I enjoy reading, hiking, and gardening. Linkedin

Ben Bowles – Website Committee Chair

Hello there! I’m Ben, the website committee chair at FTC. I’m a freshman studying Computer Science. I joined FTC this fall to help keep my communication skills sharp and to network. I’m also passionate about gaming, and history. Linkedin