Meet the Team! 2021-2022

Introducing the FTC leadership team for the 2021-2022 school year! Learn a bit about each of our team members and connect with them on LinkedIn.

John Clement – President, Publications Committee Member

Hey! My name is John, and I’m the current president of FTC. I’m a senior studying Technical Communication with minors in Computer Science and Philosophy. I’ve been in FTC since Spring 2019, and since then I’ve been committed to growing the community and making it as helpful for our members as it can be. It’s consistently been a blessing to lead alongside great teammates, make connections with peers, and raise each other up in pursuit of our future careers. I currently volunteer with the Society for Technical Communication (STC) both in the Florida Chapter and at the Society level. Outside of FTC, I enjoy playing video games, drawing, and listening to music.


Caitlyn Hunter – Vice President, Communications Committee Chair

Hello! My name is Caitlyn Hunter and I’m the current Vice President and Communications Chair of FTC. My major is Creative Writing, with a Technical Communication minor and an Editing and Publishing certificate. I’m a senior this year and will be graduating in spring, so I want to put all my effort into making this the best year FTC has ever had. My main goals as one of the officers this year is to expand FTC’s networking and job searching capabilities so that our members are prepared for the eventual transition from student to professional. The club’s success lies in the success of our members, which is why I will always do my best to be there to help. Always feel free to reach out.


Ben Bowles – Treasurer, Website Committee Chair

Hello there! I’m Ben, the treasurer website committee chair at FTC. I’m a freshman studying Computer Science. I joined FTC in Fall 2020 to help keep my communication skills sharp and to network. I’m also passionate about gaming, and history.


Danielle – Secretary, Publications Committee Member

Hi! My name is Danielle, the current secretary of FTC. I’m a sophomore majoring in Technical Communication and minoring in Writing & Rhetoric. It is my first semester as a member of FTC, but so far it’s been such an amazing and rewarding experience. The FTC community strives to not only promote the importance of technical literacy, but the significance of making connections. As secretary of FTC, I hope to contribute to our blog’s publications, utilize my organizational skills, and continuously communicate with the leaders. Aside from my work in FTC, I am a proofreader for the Johnson’s Dictionary Project and a member of Sigma Tau Delta. When I’m not working, I enjoy creative journaling, reading, and listening to music.


Zachary Miller – Historian, Publications Committee Member

Hey! My name is Zachary, and I am the current historian of FTC. I am a senior studying Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. This is my first semester with FTC. Though I still have much to learn, I am so glad to be a part of this community and eager to support the goals of the club, most importantly it’s members. As historian, I will work to document club history, contribute to our blog, and assist in leadership discussions. Aside from my course work, I work as a qualitative researcher in the Socio-Technical Interaction Research lab ( where I study adolescent online safety. When I am not working, you can find me meeting new people, tending my garden, or creating ceramic art.


Amy Toole – Website Committee Member

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m pursuing a Master’s in Technical Communication and I joined FTC in spring 2021. It is wonderful to connect with other students and professionals, and I appreciate that every member is quick to offer encouragement, feedback, and advice. Beginning a new career might be intimidating, but the FTC helps students make the most of what UCF and STC have to offer so they can successfully navigate the tech comm world. I am happy to be a part of the FTC Website Committee for the 2021-2022 school year. When I’m not doing tech comm things, I enjoy reading and running.


Joshua Wiser – Website Committee Member

I am a Computer Science major in my first year at UCF. I enjoy programming, playing video games, playing guitar, and embroidery just to name a few things.

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